Silk Screening from TV to Sofa

One of the things that I loved about Make and Mingle was the opportunity to meet ridiculously wonderful talented artists like Liz Squillace from Paradox Ink. When she came into a store in Fairfield to help with a class, she showed the girls how she made a screen from start to finish.  This particular image she got from watching TV!  Basically she paused a scene and took a picture and printed it out.  She showed us how to hand paint a screen to get the negative of an image.  After that she printed the screen on some vintage remnants.  There was one particular print that I had fallen in love with, and dear Liz was kind enough to give it to me.

Just now I got a chance to make something with it, with some vintage piping hanging around  the combo seemed like a no brainer.

The result is probably one of my all time favorite pillows.  Thanks Liz!

IMG_9301 IMG_3780 IMG_3778 IMG_3782 IMG_3786


Pretty Little Angels

A customer asked me to make a veil for her daughter’s upcoming confirmation.  While I was finishing it I noticed that little True was eyeing it admiringly.  I had to give her a go with it.  Turns out little girls of ALL ages love a veil!

photo IMG_9181 IMG_9180

Poor & Pretty and ridiculously sweet!

I love Etsy, we all love Etsy!  I mean who does not love Etsy?  What is there NOT to love?  Cool, fun stuff from around the world? You want pink elephant earrings?  Done.  You want orange llama hair pillows?  Done.  What I really love though is finding a shop and discovering that the owner is right in your back yard.  Poor & Pretty was one of those shops.  When I actually met Sami, the owner of this shop that creates handmade delicious soaps, it turns out that she was almost sweeter than her wares (if such a thing were possible?).

You can just imagine how thrilled I was that she wanted to write a little bitt about us here in our Westport Studio.  Check it.

IMG_7545 about-sami il_fullxfull.304930845

Stitching it up at the local library

Recently, I was invited by the Fairfield Woods branch of the Fairfield Library to do a project for a crafty weekend series that they were running.  Ellen the fun and sweet organizer had come to the store and honed in on a coffee cozy that I had made.  We decided that it would be the perfect project to do quickly and easily on a Saturday morning.  So I hauled myself  over with felt and needles was greeted by warm smiles from Ellen and Nancy the Deputy Town Librarian.  12 lovely ladies showed up and got going on some pretty darn adorable coffee cozies.   Check out their schedule other great events that they have for the upcoming year.

The inspiration piece…


IMG_7518 IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7525 IMG_7526 IMG_7524 IMG_7522