Sew Cross!

Going a little loco for stitching lately.  It’s an easy addiction in the summer, since you can really take it anywhere.  You can stitch at the beach, while you are watching kids kick around a ball or while sitting in the car on an unexpected long trip, or just lazing on the sofa watching a Lifetime movie.

Even though I love embroidery, I really love cross stitch, since you can really turn off your creative brain and just follow a diagram of squares.  The only problem that I usually have with cross stitch is what do you do with the Aida cloth after stitching?  So I came up with the idea of these peek-a-boo pouches that can frame the fancy needlework.

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Scented Eyeglass case

I recently found these scented cotton skeins and fell in love with the concept.  I saw this multi pastel skein at Walmart and decided the $1.77 was worth the risk. The scent smelled like clean laundry  I wanted to make a sunglass case and decided  to use a pattern that I saw on Pinterest from The Nearsighted Owl.  The bobbles would serve two purposes…. 1. Kill the monotony of crocheting rectangles and 2. protect my new shades.


I followed the pattern of the bobbles just changed 1 single crochet between bobbles to 2.


Pinned the zipper down and just sewed down with machine on both sides.


I had left a long tail and then crocheted all around.  I just barely made with the amount that I had.  Next time I would be more generous with the length.

IMG_1598 IMG_1600

Added a bunny pom pom on zipper for good measure.


Pretty Packaging for Nothing

Recently I sewed up to two handmade pouches, one for West’s teacher and another for a great friend that hit a landmark Bday.  Unfortunately, I spent too much time on the sewing, so when it came to wrapping in each instance I only had a couple of minutes to complete the task.

Lucky enough to have some brown packaging paper in the house I just made do..

Sewed up side and stole a flower from my outside blooming rose bush.  Lucky!




Bakers twine and a handmade tassel




Dolly Dress Up

I had this cute doll set from Wu & Wu –  the set included the doll,  felt kimono, some floss and a needle. The kimono had some perforated holes on the side for young sewers.  All quite adorable except if I were to sew the kimono on little True would not be able to get it off without the help of scissors.  So,  with an hour to kill a little skirt and matching crochet top were made.

The skirt was made using lingerie elastic.  The crochet top was just 2 rows of Half Double Crochet followed by a series of crochet stitches going up then going down.  Single crochet, Half double, Double, 2 x Treble then back down.

My little Geisha Girl was starting to take on a definite boho vibe so I quickly tied a feather necklace around her neck to make the look complete.

IMG_1438 IMG_1440

Do away with that tie!

I have a mess of curly frizzy hair.  I do not like my hair (I tried hard there not to use the word “hate”).  Basically I wear it up 95% of the time.  I do like the elastic hair ties that are out there but was always annoyed by the tie at the end that always end of fraying and that manages to always catch hairs.  So today I came up with an idea to make the whole thing a little prettier and much more seamless.  This is what I came up with.  I made a mini one for True Boo.



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Go Wild!

I saw this great pin of a DIY version of the animal necklaces at Anthropologie.  She had done a great job of making up cheap little versions of the more expensive counterparts at Anthro.  I tried to find the pin again, but sadly failed 😦

Anyway,  I had to come up with a craft to do at West’s school for his Bday and thought this would be more fun and stylish than the other typical kid crafts.  The idea is that they can hang them on their backpacks or jeans or wherever.  If it will really work with 22 6 year olds in another thing….

Before – sad


After – yay!



Organize Yo Self

In our small cottage I don’t like to stay organized – I HAVE to stay organized.  These little baskets in all shapes and sizes helps.  Really simpl to make you just have to make a lined bag and then add a gusset.  I love combining new and vintage fabrics 🙂



Be A Rebel // Zippered Pouches

Be A Rebel // Zippered Pouches

These cute little pouches are now available on our Etsy shop. Along with the bag, you get a cute huk.up which can be attached to a sweater, iPhone or bag. How awesome. Check it out here

Baggu Pimp Out

I’m really into these Baggy pouches. The shape and size is pretty much perfect to fit in any sized bag and the colors are right on.  They also lend themselves pretty well to embellishing. You can paint them, sew on them etc.  This is one that I had beaded before (yup bead by bead with a very thin and long needle)IMG_0480 IMG_0676.  Deciding to take it a little further I added a customized zipper pull. I like the whole boho vibe that the pouch starts to take on.IMG_0676 IMG_0480