Mini Embroidery Kits


Lately I’ve been obsessed with embroidery and stitching together small little projects. In order for me to exactly that wherever I went, I came up with these little embroidery kits that holds an embroidery hoop, felt, beads, needles, thread, some muslin and little phrases printed onto fabric paper. With all of these tid-bits there’s always something you can create whether you’re at the doctors office, the DMV or just waiting in the car.




DIY Sarong Blouse

sarongHere’s a quick simple blouse I was able to put together in less than an hour using a pre-loved sarong from my closet. I took advantage of the finished edges for the seams on the side and folded them in to make a width of 33 inches. Depending on your height, you cut your length. I’m short, so I made mine 46 inches plus an inch on seach side for the seam. What I cut off on the bottom of each end, I used as a sudo bias tape to sew around the collar.

After folding it in half, I cut out an opening for the neck. For the armholes, I just pinned and sewed two lines 10 inches down from the top to the bottom. Finish off the hem by folding in twice a 1/4 of an inch and sewing down.

Old School Patchwork

Now this is my type of patchwork.  Take pieces and bits of your favorite fabrics.  Some vintage napkins, an old shirt that you just can’t part with, maybe an old hankie and sew them all in there.  I have done this before with just plain squares, but I like this idea from wonderforest.  Pretty brilliant really, she sewed the little pieces together just made a point to keep the rows the same height.  You could back it with matelasse and wham! There is your beach blanket, which could turn to a lap warmer come fall.

picnic-beach-blanket 005 copy

Lunch Time Top

I recently saw a little girl in a top like this and my mind starting racing…  I can make that!  Gotta admit that my version was really not as nice as the one that the tween was sporting, but considering that it took me 1/2 an hour I am pretty pleased with it.  I literally just cut  rectangle.  Then made a snip at where the sleeves should be and sewed down the sides.  I finished up all the raw edges with self made bias tape (this is what took the longest).  The project probably would of gone better if my model was not so wriggly as I was trying to try it on her. But hey, we all know that models are difficult!  I’m calling it the lunch time top because you could really bang it out in the time that it would take you to put down a soup and sandwich.

The fabric that I used is from an old block print top of mine that had been stained. The fabric so pretty and soft that I could not stand to get rid of it.  This way I got rid of the stain and little miss get to get her boho on.

IMG_1794 IMG_1798

For the ties I just braided some silk ribbon and and attached some little red beads on the end.

IMG_1804 IMG_1803


Birthday Puzzle

My birthday was a few days ago.  My 18 year old daughter always goes beyond herself to make the day special for me.  This time she really got creative.  Since she was going to be at work she left me a 8 wrapped pieces that were to opened on the hour every hour.  Each had a puzzle piece.  When completed the puzzle was a clue to a place where she had stashed some lovely presents.  What  a great idea for a kids birthday, or any anniversary.  I’m no artist so I would maybe take a large a photograph and cut that up and hide the pieces somewhere.  Could also be a great idea for holiday advent calendar.


Boho Desert Pouch

il_fullxfull.470271017_bvlgI’ve been on a whole Hippie vibe lately, I even made a Pinterest board dedicated solely to hippie love. Check it out here. So using some linen, leather and beads & things, I made this pouch with a cool wrap around closure.


Lavender Laundry

I had seen these self made lavender sachets all over pinterest and other blogs.  I was really wanted to give it a try since I really like’ the concept…. The fresh scent of lavender in my laundry without having to use those environment unfriendly sheets.   So I whipped one up to test the waters….

OK.  Took me literally 3 minutes to cut and sew one up.  Well, to be most honest might of taken me 10 minutes but only because I may of printed up some fabric labels.  I can never resist printing something out of fabric.  Kill me.

I threw it in a load of whites and it actually made the load smell delicious. Not overpowering but definitely there.  The delicious scent even lingered through the 2nd wash.

Do yourself a favor and make a few- after a few loads you could  throw them in your closet or drawers.


I chose  some Indian block print remnants thinking that the thin weight would allow the lavender to scent to really escape.




what it looked like after a couple of loads. Completely intact and still smelling wonderful.



Baby Feet To Go

I’m absolutely (I mean ABSOLUTELY) in love with Truly’s Toes.  They are soft, small and yummy – all the makings of a delicious snack.  So for Mama Day I thought that I would make a quick gift to  self by getting those feet on a pouch that I can haul and look at 24/7.

It was pretty easy I managed to get it done in under 2 hours (including drying time).


First I painted her feet with fabric paint.  This was the best part. something about painting the little feet…  I racked my brain for a career that could have me painting little baby feet all day.



Then I pushed them down on some simple canvas fabric (you could also use an old sheet)


Repeat with other foot.



I sewed on a bottom border fabric but you could also just keep it simple.  I also printed a label on a printable fabric sheet, you could also do a title with some beautiful embroidery.


Then I sewed it into a zippered pouch and finished it with a fancy zipper pull – Because I am obsessed with them right now.


Make this for a new mom  – she will treasure it for evah!


Get Tanked

I had some extra tank tops sitting around that seemed to be begging for a little something something.  Yes, I could go the route of an applique.  I thought about and thought that I needed to try something different. I decided to give the tank a little French twist and make a collar.  I simply traced the top of the tank and added 1 1/2 inches.  After rounding out the corners I made my template.

I then realized that I forgot the seam allowance so had to make a second template.  Then I traced it on some vintage fabric.  I wished I had taken some pics all the way through.   Will do when I make a second one.  The vintage fabric was so pretty that I could not throw away any piece, so ended up making a matching hair bow.


1st and 2nd templates….



Photo Fabulous

How many pictures do I have saved on iphoto?  Don’t even want to think about it.  What do I do with them?  Well, I neatly put them in folders on my computer.  I have been doing that for about 6 years straight. Why print when I can save?  That is why I love a project like this that gives me a bright modern way to display some of those hundreds (or thousands) of photos.  The first is a project from German Brigette, the one below is a project that I did a few months back and turned into a design box at the store and then now offer in our online shop.  What makes the whole thing possible is the fantastic printable fabric sheets.


I used a little reverse applique which is incredibly fun and simple to do.

il_fullxfull.441054158_qfb6 il_fullxfull.441054186_pocb