Her Favorite Things

Tessa had to do a last assignment for high school (graduating in a month!) for her  Gender Studies class.  She absolutely loved the class and was given specific instructions to be creative and make something that expressed how she felt as a female.  Needless to say when I hear the word “creative” my mind switches into high gear.  She wanted to do something that represented her German background and the things that she grew to love while living the last 8 years here in the US.  So she put her graphic and sewing skills to good use and make this little pouch.  I love it because really each side is Truly Tess!

There is no limit what you can do with a little printable fabric.


IMG_0851 IMG_0854

we added an detachable “hok.up” charm for good measure


Oh Mama!



Tessa my babe did some fancy fingertip work with photoshop to make this iron an applique that I put on a block print pouch from India.

Itching to Stitch

Sometimes I am just sitting someplace and am just hankering to stitch.  Nothing huge, nothing to change the world –  just a little somethin somethin.  You know just sitting at the doctor’s office or just hanging outside with an ice tea.  What am I thinking here… just cut a couple of squares and embroider them down someplace or just stitch a tiny flower on the bottom of a pair of jeans…  So I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple small  fold-up embroidery “ensemble.”  Going to keep one in my bag from now on.


This little figure is from an Etsy superstar – and I can not find her shop any more.  If I can dig it up, will share it.  Love her designs!

IMG_0333 IMG_0337

Photo Fabulous

How many pictures do I have saved on iphoto?  Don’t even want to think about it.  What do I do with them?  Well, I neatly put them in folders on my computer.  I have been doing that for about 6 years straight. Why print when I can save?  That is why I love a project like this that gives me a bright modern way to display some of those hundreds (or thousands) of photos.  The first is a project from German Brigette, the one below is a project that I did a few months back and turned into a design box at the store and then now offer in our online shop.  What makes the whole thing possible is the fantastic printable fabric sheets.


I used a little reverse applique which is incredibly fun and simple to do.

il_fullxfull.441054158_qfb6 il_fullxfull.441054186_pocb




Omniom Gatherum – Emporium of Craft in a Box

So, it does not take a genius to guess that I love to make things.  Really anything from wrapping a headband to spending the day sewing a tunic for the beach.  Did someone say beach?  Cause just the word beach makes me think of the roll-up towel and beach bag that I made last summer.  Yup, me likey to sew and create.  However, what I really love is the stuff that you use to actually make the things that I make.  Does that make sense?  What I’m getting at is that I am a junkie for sewing and craft supplies.  The other day I was going through all my items from the store and starting to color coordinate them.  What came together were these wonderful little “conglomerations” of supplies.  Everything from luscious felts to beads, ribbons, felt embellishments and both new and vintage fabrics.  I searched for a word and discovered this beauty……


Omniom Gatherum.  It means a mixture or medley of things or people.  Pretty much it.  Check em.  Available at our etsy shop.

IMG_9822 IMG_9802 IMG_9794 IMG_9789

Get your Boho On

Following on the Boho/Fairy thread that has been brought in by Maggie, I sat down and made these two Hippie girl crafts. I tried to give them an ethreal touch so that we could steer clear of the typical associations of God’s eyes. Gotta say these were way too fun to make. Going to add them to our Drop in crafts line-up. Can NOT wait to see the spin that each girls is going to give this project!

photo 3

photo 5

Poor & Pretty and ridiculously sweet!

I love Etsy, we all love Etsy!  I mean who does not love Etsy?  What is there NOT to love?  Cool, fun stuff from around the world? You want pink elephant earrings?  Done.  You want orange llama hair pillows?  Done.  What I really love though is finding a shop and discovering that the owner is right in your back yard.  Poor & Pretty was one of those shops.  When I actually met Sami, the owner of this shop that creates handmade delicious soaps, it turns out that she was almost sweeter than her wares (if such a thing were possible?).

You can just imagine how thrilled I was that she wanted to write a little bitt about us here in our Westport Studio.  Check it.

IMG_7545 about-sami il_fullxfull.304930845

A Crush Cake

There are obviously those that we love that are in our lives……kids, hubbies and boyfriends. Then there are our little celebrity crushes.  In honor of those handsome little devils we made these super cute kitsch pouches.  It’s the perfect little something to carry  in your bag to give you a little smile during the day.

Adorable, ridiculous and fun.  Catch at our shop.





Be who you want to be

We all have our secret celebrity crush. Can you say Mrs. Norton?  Don’t criticize, that man is insanely adorable!  Anyway…..Stitch your dream name on a cute pair of American Apparel unmentionables.  We are selling it as a kit at the store. Going to post it soon on our online shop.  Oh Sweet Tart!

DSC05359 8315