Brekky for Your Mama

Please make this for your mother for Mama Day.  That statement goes out to all children.  Even my own 🙂

Recipe from Manilla Spoon.   Cups to hold eggs made out of bacon.   Brilliant.

IMG_0243 IMG_0201

A Breath of Fresh Air

photo 1

For the last week the crew at Make & Mingle has been busy bringing a whole new vibe into our store. Maggie, a local student and blogger (read it here) has been helping us sprucing it up with plants, candles and lovely wall decorations. Check out the pics below and come visit soon!

photo 2


photo 3


photo 5

Poor & Pretty and ridiculously sweet!

I love Etsy, we all love Etsy!  I mean who does not love Etsy?  What is there NOT to love?  Cool, fun stuff from around the world? You want pink elephant earrings?  Done.  You want orange llama hair pillows?  Done.  What I really love though is finding a shop and discovering that the owner is right in your back yard.  Poor & Pretty was one of those shops.  When I actually met Sami, the owner of this shop that creates handmade delicious soaps, it turns out that she was almost sweeter than her wares (if such a thing were possible?).

You can just imagine how thrilled I was that she wanted to write a little bitt about us here in our Westport Studio.  Check it.

IMG_7545 about-sami il_fullxfull.304930845

Lego under Control

It’s rare that I get a chance to make something for West since most of the stuff we do in the store is geared towards girls. Sadly, I can practically count the things that I have sewn on one  hand…… a messenger bag, pjs, a cape etc.

Today I made something that was more of necessity than anything else.  He had gotten a few boxes of legos for Xmas and parents out there know how frustrating it can be to organize all those teeeeeny tiny little pieces and keeping the book with the group. So I had an idea!  Enter light bulb.

I made a little pouch with a pocket to keep the included book (which is practically like a bible for my little guy).

Now I just have to sew 18 more!







Yum On the Go

Like half the planet, I love instagram.  I love what it does to photos.  I really dislike pictures of myself, however thanks to the magic of Instagram, I dislike them slightly less.  What I am really into are the instagram food shots.  So, I thought why not take some of the gorgeous shots that are out there and and make some zippered pouches.  So my favorite food can be with me 24/7 if the real deal can not.

I contacted the photographers and they were sweet enough to give me their permission to use their beautiful shots.

These shots are Laura from Sweet life a la Carte.

Probably will start adding a menu of pouches at the store.  I know I want the eggs Beni with me all the time!

DSC05247 DSC05253

This is from Billy at Wit & Vinegar.

DSC05271 DSC05244

My kinda breakfast

What a cute idea from a wonderful blog called Ordinary Miracles.  Adorable little “bacon & eggs” made out of white chocolate, m&m’s and little pretzels.  Sweet with a bit of salty, yum!


New Use for Old Light

This is a great link for some great design ideas for string lights. Instead of just storing the lights in a garage or basement add a light little and brilliance to your rooms.


enhanced-buzz-6224-1354728088-1 enhanced-buzz-2424-1354459697-3

Mustach-io on the go-go

Lately I have been all about decking out my phone. Not just with different cases but also with all sorts of plugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Since the Mustache Mania is far from dying, I had this fun little idea. Girls at the store are in love with our little mustache prop that we use for our fabric paper photographs so I thought to combine the two. The result is a combo prop as an iphone plug. So you are ready for a silly shot at the drop of a hat. Pretty fab!


Keep it going….





7 Tons Light

Watch for an instant smiley face

<p><a href=”″>Court – 7 tonnes 3</a> from <a href=””>Cube Creative</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>