Pretty Pleats

Love the way this skirt turned out. The inspiration was this post from Mme ZsaZsa.  I great project that would be great big or small and does not require a pattern. We simply doubled the width of her waist and  made 8 pleats of 2 inches each, but really you could play around with the width and the frequency of them.  Our young sewista did a great job, especially with the zipper.

IMG_1779 IMG_1784

We had a little extra time on our hands so we quickly stitched up this little basket.  As a last minute idea we decided to stitch some letter beads on.  Don’t know why I never used these to sew on projects before.  Love it.

IMG_1790 IMG_1792

Pooch Pad

In a lesson a  a few weeks ago  my young student wanted to make something for her pooch.  I have to say that it was one of the cutest dogs ever saw, so I was equally pumped for the project.  We decided on a dog bed and managed in the 2 hours to not only finish the bed but to also bang out a little matching pillow AND a  little hair tie.  The tie was supposed to be for fluffy but I think owner deserves something for the all the hard work.

IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0257

Back at home…  Success it is now officially Pooch approved.



The Chemise reinvented

We finally finished this shirt.  It is actually a super simple pattern from a book (breaking my head trying to remember which one….)  it is the perfect shape for every figure.  Great now with jeans then pair it with some smart shorts and flops for summer.  I great advanced beginner project.


Can not believe how much this girl has grown.  When she first walked into the store over 3 years ago, she was just a wee thing….

photo 1

Sweet Sips

These two who are beyond cute, managed to make a pair of customized tumblers that are ALMOST as cute as they are.

What really breaks your heart is that they made them for their near and dear friends.



Stitching it up at the local library

Recently, I was invited by the Fairfield Woods branch of the Fairfield Library to do a project for a crafty weekend series that they were running.  Ellen the fun and sweet organizer had come to the store and honed in on a coffee cozy that I had made.  We decided that it would be the perfect project to do quickly and easily on a Saturday morning.  So I hauled myself  over with felt and needles was greeted by warm smiles from Ellen and Nancy the Deputy Town Librarian.  12 lovely ladies showed up and got going on some pretty darn adorable coffee cozies.   Check out their schedule other great events that they have for the upcoming year.

The inspiration piece…


IMG_7518 IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7525 IMG_7526 IMG_7524 IMG_7522

Dudes making stuff

As far as I’m concerned we don’t get enough boys in here.  When we do get a young guy or boy with the aim of getting crafty they always make the coolest stuff and are very clear and concise about what they want to do.  Just like this memory board made this one.  Practical, perfect and pretty darn awesome.


Hoot for you

I had one of my budding designers in over the weekend that wanted to get back into sewing and start to make a dent on her gift giving.  We looked at a couple of patterns and decided on this little owl/slash pin cushion.  She opted for a pretty winter white for the owl and some gorgeous muted tones for the matching bits and pieces.  I love things like this that are not only pretty but also practical.


pretty little notes





Words going through this little darlin’s head while decorating her pretty notebook.