Lunch Time Top

I recently saw a little girl in a top like this and my mind starting racing…  I can make that!  Gotta admit that my version was really not as nice as the one that the tween was sporting, but considering that it took me 1/2 an hour I am pretty pleased with it.  I literally just cut  rectangle.  Then made a snip at where the sleeves should be and sewed down the sides.  I finished up all the raw edges with self made bias tape (this is what took the longest).  The project probably would of gone better if my model was not so wriggly as I was trying to try it on her. But hey, we all know that models are difficult!  I’m calling it the lunch time top because you could really bang it out in the time that it would take you to put down a soup and sandwich.

The fabric that I used is from an old block print top of mine that had been stained. The fabric so pretty and soft that I could not stand to get rid of it.  This way I got rid of the stain and little miss get to get her boho on.

IMG_1794 IMG_1798

For the ties I just braided some silk ribbon and and attached some little red beads on the end.

IMG_1804 IMG_1803


Truly – 22 Months

So as we closed our brick and mortar doors over the weekend, I had to do one final shop version of True holding up her age progression.  The little babe is 22 months!  What!?  We all know that she is on the wee size, although she makes up for her lack in stature in sass and style.  The girl has Make and Mingle literally running through her veins.  She came back to the store almost directly from the hospital at the tender age of 8 days.  Almost every customer has held her in her arms and the experience has added to quirky charm.  Thank you all for the hugs and smiles.


Pretty Little Angels

A customer asked me to make a veil for her daughter’s upcoming confirmation.  While I was finishing it I noticed that little True was eyeing it admiringly.  I had to give her a go with it.  Turns out little girls of ALL ages love a veil!

photo IMG_9181 IMG_9180

19 months

The girls looks like all ginger and spice and everything nice, but is as tough as nails.  She is small but holds her own 🙂


IMG_8308 IMG_8309 IMG_8310

True Boo – 17 months

Ooops missed a few months there.  I’ll just hope that the little one doesn’t mind….





True – 14 months (well kinda…)

OMG OMG OMG can not believe that I let myself get so far behind with the blog.  It was bit of work getting everything settled for the fall and we have been busy at the store setting up a new site, then there was getting offspring settled in school.  One, for the first year of official schooling (West in K) and the other (Tessa) ready for her last year in official schooling before she goes to legit higher education.

Still, very lame of me.  Beware, the lameness gets worse.  I  did take this picture when True was 14 months.  She is however, no longer really 14 months.  Let’s just not go into details about her real age.  So,  here are a couple of cute shots of the old gal.

Yup, 14 months…

Wait, let me just change something here…

Ooops, just gotta get the chalk in the right hand here

Tada! Is that better?


13 Months – Truly Adorbs

Our girl starts to get a little feistier.  We have discovered this month that she has a bit of an addiction to jewelry.


Truly Thankful!

For True’s birthday last month, a very sweet friend of mine made the most beautiful dress for Truly using a great pattern from Heather Ross.  She used a beautiful pattern from Oliver and S and with her wonderful sewing skills, it turned out perfectly. Although, true has been lucky enough to of worn some pretty cute things.  I have to say that this dress is probably one of my favorites.

Thank you Michelle.  I love love love it!

Give the pattern a go.  It looks great on girls of all sizes and ages. I’m going to get cracking on one to match.

Truly Adorbs!

Ok, yes it took me a while to finally get this picture after her first birthday.  Also, I missed her 11 month shot.  Please forgive me my babe.  Even if I make a few mistakes, I still love you Truly!

I couldn’t resist making one of the dresses that the girls made for the camp using Jennifer Paganelli’s pattern. The perfect little dress for summer.

Earlier in the month we had a little shindig with some girlfriends.  We honored True’s Puerto Rican grandmother with a roasted Pernil (marinated pork shoulder) and strawberry mojitos.  It was a delicious concotion that we named the “True Boo.”

Early 7AM cake pick up  at my new favorite Brazilian Bakery in Danbury

The magic of mint, strawberries and edelflower.

A group collage effort that I will put together for her later as a momento to remember the day.