Boho cool in 20 min

Great tutorial from Henry happened for turning a couple of place mats into a great cross body tote.  The sewing is even done by hand which means that you could do it at the beach!  Awesome!  I also really love their tutorial for making tassels.





Up – cycled camera Strap

I had a pile of tee  bright tee shirt scraps left over from other crafts.  The colors were too pretty to throw away so I had to hold onto them.  This is the perfect project from Spool and Spoon to put the little pile to use.  Everyone needs a camera strap – especially me!

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Knots of love

Been trying to come up with ideas for West’s class mates for Vday.  This one from Design Mom is great, it is probably better for a girl to give but I will keep it in mind for Truly.  Would also be a cute Bday party favor.


Stylish Shoe Bags

What a great idea from Fabric Paper Scissors.  She sewed her own bags from scratch, but you could also just order large muslin drawstring bags online and do the rest of the craft.  I love the idea of stamping on the fabric paint. I imagine that it would give you a much crisper result.  Might just encourage some of the girls at the store to make a set in prep for Mother’s day.  If any daughter of mine happens to be reading this – hint hint.

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Stack em up!

I had a pile of these in my room near a sofa when I lived in Germany.  I loved them and it was sad leaving them behind.  Was happy to see this great tutorial from Dobleufa.  One minor detail, it’s in Spanish.  However, her drawings and pics are so well detailed that it is relatively easy to figure out.  THis would be a fun class!

I want to get cracking and start myself a new pile here in the America!

Homemade Washi Tape

First, let me tell you about how much I love washi tape (Washi tape is the paper tape that comes in the most yummy prints).  I keep a couple of rolls in my desk drawer, and in a pinch I can throw together a thank you card  quicker than you can say “merci.”  So I practically went bonkers when I saw this tutorial from amy delightful teaching us to make washi tape from fabric. So simple.  So good.


What is better than a pair of good simple Toms?  Making them your own.

Learn how here at Stripes and Sequins.

Make a Bow take a Bow

Cutest bows,  and ever so simple to make.  Get the Tutorial here at Make it Love it.

Pre-Tee Fancy!

We have been going crazy with Tee’s at the store lately.  This is a great revamp that I saw online from cancandancer that takes a large tee to a fancy dress in a few simple steps. Pre-Tee brilliant!