Scented Eyeglass case

I recently found these scented cotton skeins and fell in love with the concept.  I saw this multi pastel skein at Walmart and decided the $1.77 was worth the risk. The scent smelled like clean laundry  I wanted to make a sunglass case and decided  to use a pattern that I saw on Pinterest from The Nearsighted Owl.  The bobbles would serve two purposes…. 1. Kill the monotony of crocheting rectangles and 2. protect my new shades.


I followed the pattern of the bobbles just changed 1 single crochet between bobbles to 2.


Pinned the zipper down and just sewed down with machine on both sides.


I had left a long tail and then crocheted all around.  I just barely made with the amount that I had.  Next time I would be more generous with the length.

IMG_1598 IMG_1600

Added a bunny pom pom on zipper for good measure.


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