Dolly Dress Up

I had this cute doll set from Wu & Wu –  the set included the doll,  felt kimono, some floss and a needle. The kimono had some perforated holes on the side for young sewers.  All quite adorable except if I were to sew the kimono on little True would not be able to get it off without the help of scissors.  So,  with an hour to kill a little skirt and matching crochet top were made.

The skirt was made using lingerie elastic.  The crochet top was just 2 rows of Half Double Crochet followed by a series of crochet stitches going up then going down.  Single crochet, Half double, Double, 2 x Treble then back down.

My little Geisha Girl was starting to take on a definite boho vibe so I quickly tied a feather necklace around her neck to make the look complete.

IMG_1438 IMG_1440


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