Lavender Laundry

I had seen these self made lavender sachets all over pinterest and other blogs.  I was really wanted to give it a try since I really like’ the concept…. The fresh scent of lavender in my laundry without having to use those environment unfriendly sheets.   So I whipped one up to test the waters….

OK.  Took me literally 3 minutes to cut and sew one up.  Well, to be most honest might of taken me 10 minutes but only because I may of printed up some fabric labels.  I can never resist printing something out of fabric.  Kill me.

I threw it in a load of whites and it actually made the load smell delicious. Not overpowering but definitely there.  The delicious scent even lingered through the 2nd wash.

Do yourself a favor and make a few- after a few loads you could  throw them in your closet or drawers.


I chose  some Indian block print remnants thinking that the thin weight would allow the lavender to scent to really escape.




what it looked like after a couple of loads. Completely intact and still smelling wonderful.




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