Baby Feet To Go

I’m absolutely (I mean ABSOLUTELY) in love with Truly’s Toes.  They are soft, small and yummy – all the makings of a delicious snack.  So for Mama Day I thought that I would make a quick gift to  self by getting those feet on a pouch that I can haul and look at 24/7.

It was pretty easy I managed to get it done in under 2 hours (including drying time).


First I painted her feet with fabric paint.  This was the best part. something about painting the little feet…  I racked my brain for a career that could have me painting little baby feet all day.



Then I pushed them down on some simple canvas fabric (you could also use an old sheet)


Repeat with other foot.



I sewed on a bottom border fabric but you could also just keep it simple.  I also printed a label on a printable fabric sheet, you could also do a title with some beautiful embroidery.


Then I sewed it into a zippered pouch and finished it with a fancy zipper pull – Because I am obsessed with them right now.


Make this for a new mom  – she will treasure it for evah!



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