May Arts Vday Hop

This is my latest project using the pretty May Arts ribbons.  This project is really as simple as pie and can be done in a matter of minutes.  Would be a great quick party favor to give to your guests, or make a larger one and hang it over your list as a to do board.  Options are limitless.   Depending on the size of your frame you could experiment with different ribbons.  I choose to use the sumptuous velvet line from May Arts that comes in a beautiful selection of jewel tones.  Have Fun

Big shout out to our pretty model Sarah.  Thanks!

May Arts is having a Giveaway of 4 wonderful spools.  check it.

Have fun!

Here is the list of the other great projects that have been done during the week.  Ribbontastic!


16 thoughts on “May Arts Vday Hop

  1. Very cute idea! My granddaughter would love something like this as she writes notes on her mirror all the time. I’d have to make a bigger one though! LOL

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