Sun Prints

This stuff is really fun.  I mean seriously fun.  Basically you lay your shapes down on the fabric, put it out in the sun for an amount of time that depends on the temperature and intensity of light.  Bring it back it. Rinse. dry and enjoy.

We had some fun with letters and then sewed the cotton into zippered pouches.  Pretty darn amazing.  The only part that makes me nervous is taking the fabric out the special black bag.  I have this irrational fear that it is going to get overexposed before I get a chance to get it to the sun.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

The possibilities of this material is mind boggling. Bam!  The sound of my mind exploding.



Lay down shapes  & letters





What it looks like after 30 min. in sun



What it looks like after it’s rinsed…..








After it dries the color sharpens up a bit.   Now, it’s ready to sew.





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