Teacher Emergency Kit

In our last workshop we made these little pouches for teacher’s gifts.  I just felt like it needed a little something else before we presented it to our dear teacher. Hmmmmmmmm.

Enter brilliant idea – since the pouch is such a perfect little size to neasily slip in a drawer or bag it begged for some tiny essentials.  Then, before you know it I had put together this collection of necessary items a teacher could possibly use in a pinch…….   Mints, nail file, wipes, hair tie, lotion, quick sugar fix, etc.

I also wanted a quick gift for the secretary at my son’s school because she is the sweetest ever and always greets us with a smile every day I walk in.  Like all of us I am in love with all those wonderful people that keep giving their best to the well being of our beloved children.

Just think…..  You could put one together for your favorite babysitter, neighbor or any other bestie on your list.

DSC05174 DSC05178 DSC05187


DSC05171 DSC05173


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