Instagram Yum Pouch

I Love printing on fabric paper, it just adds a completely different dimension to sewing projects.  You can do photos, words, art etc.  Basically the sky is the limit.  I just started to make these pouches inspired by all the instagram shots that are out there.  I really love the food shots.  The idea of having my favorite meal on a pouch to see everyday just makes me happy.  Here is a tutorial.  If you don’t feel like making one you can order a customized pouch of your own.

Cut your pouch to desired measurements plus one inch.

Pin front and one lining piece right sides together with zipper in middle.

photo 1




photo 2_2_2


after repeating with both sides.  Cut down zipper and pin all around leaving an opening on the liner side

photo 4


Turn inside and sew opening close.

photo 2_2


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