Tech Pillow

We have been doing so many iphone accessories lately at the store that it only seemed natural to make a mini pillow to hold and store your little apple wonder.






Glitter Up!

We just got some new glitter tattoo sets at the store.  It then dawned on us that we could make custom tattoos using the savvy of in-house graphic gal T.  Think of the possibilities.  The best thing about these tattoos is that they actually last 3-4 days!

Yup, her name is actually Alice…

photo 2

The girls loves her nutella!

The girls loves her nutella!


Yum Yum

A little felt, a zipper and a couple of buttons.  This took just an hour to put together and was crazy fun to make.  Ever so slightly ridiculous but a good way to hold change and other bits and bobs.