Perfect Party Pouch Indian Style

I had gotten in some pretty ribbons from Mayarts to play with and was really inspired by the textures of the pretty flocked and velvets line.  On the table I happened to be working with some pretty Indian block print fabric and starting to see how pretty they looked together.

What resulted was these adorable and practical bejeweled pouches that are small enough to fit in any bag and just big enough to hold a phone, money and lip stuff of choice. Basically, the essentials for a night on the town or a party to bring in 2013!

DSC05218 DSC05232


Super Last minute

Love this french inspired stocking that is made from a dishtowel!  Use it for the mantel and then bring it to the kitchen.  A great tutorial that includes full instructions on tea dying from sweetcharlie.  while you are at it you could brew yourself a “cup-a” to enjoy afterwards.




Teacher Emergency Kit

In our last workshop we made these little pouches for teacher’s gifts.  I just felt like it needed a little something else before we presented it to our dear teacher. Hmmmmmmmm.

Enter brilliant idea – since the pouch is such a perfect little size to neasily slip in a drawer or bag it begged for some tiny essentials.  Then, before you know it I had put together this collection of necessary items a teacher could possibly use in a pinch…….   Mints, nail file, wipes, hair tie, lotion, quick sugar fix, etc.

I also wanted a quick gift for the secretary at my son’s school because she is the sweetest ever and always greets us with a smile every day I walk in.  Like all of us I am in love with all those wonderful people that keep giving their best to the well being of our beloved children.

Just think…..  You could put one together for your favorite babysitter, neighbor or any other bestie on your list.

DSC05174 DSC05178 DSC05187


DSC05171 DSC05173

Pretty Boxes made of Ticky Tack

So goes the song from my daughter’s favorite show Weeds….   Well, why not literally make some little boxes covered with ticky tack (or mod podge).

Here is a cute simple project from the House that Martha Built….  Great for gift giving.


Instagram Yum Pouch

I Love printing on fabric paper, it just adds a completely different dimension to sewing projects.  You can do photos, words, art etc.  Basically the sky is the limit.  I just started to make these pouches inspired by all the instagram shots that are out there.  I really love the food shots.  The idea of having my favorite meal on a pouch to see everyday just makes me happy.  Here is a tutorial.  If you don’t feel like making one you can order a customized pouch of your own.

Cut your pouch to desired measurements plus one inch.

Pin front and one lining piece right sides together with zipper in middle.

photo 1




photo 2_2_2


after repeating with both sides.  Cut down zipper and pin all around leaving an opening on the liner side

photo 4


Turn inside and sew opening close.

photo 2_2

Wool Felt iPhone Pouch Tutorial



It’s easy to tell that we are absolutely obsessed with creating iPhone and tech accessories. It’s too much fun so here’s another tutorial by Poppytalk that teaches you how to create a beautiful and modern felt iPhone case. Check it out here


Beaded Tube Bracelet Tutorial


With the holidays coming nearer you are most likely in search of some quick and cute DIY gifts. Our dear friends at Swell Mayde posted a tutorial for a simple yet very stylish bracelet that doesn’t require an insane amount of supplies. Best part about it? You can make a bunch in different colors. How fun. Click here for the tutorial. 


Altered Pouches

I am obsessed with Indian block prints.  The colors are always great and the prints are timeless.  We have these pouches in the store and I wanted to do something fun with them.  So using Tessa’s design savvy I asked her to design some phrases and we made some custom transfers and ironed them on the pouches.  The result is a real cool combination of boho and pop culture.

Each one is an original and you can get one in the store or in our new online shop



IMG_7637 IMG_7609 IMG_7612 IMG_7591