A Knitted Redo

Winter is the season for knitting. Right?  What is better than sitting by a cozy fire with a great movie and working on a knitted project of choice?  The problem with knitting for new knitters is actually finishing a project. A while back I taught my best friend to knit.  Thing is as she is a busy New Yorker who rarely has time to dedicate to her new hobby.  So a year after what was supposed to be a scarf just turned out to be this 18 inch strip.   The other day while she was here for a visit I decided to give the strip a new unexpected life.

Here is the knitted strip.
After deciding on the size of the squares needed for our pouch I sewed a zig zag strip and cut below it.  This way your stitches won’t unravel.
Then I sewed in a zipper and my lining pieces just like I would for a normal pouch.
After sewing up the sides and turning it inside out we ended up with the cutest softest pouch this side of the Hudson.  We finished it up with a little felt patch.  Tweet!

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