Thanksgiving Notebook Tutorial

One of the fun things that I get to do being a Ribbonista for Mayarts is to play with the companies that they partner up with and play with their cool products.  One of those was Helmar glue.  I have had so much experience with bad glues for fabric so I was absolutely in love with the Helmar glue.  It really does the job and dries nice and even.
It works wonderful not just on paper but also on fabric and ribbon. This is a simple and fun craft for Thanksgiving and beyond. Leave it on the table with colored pencils for everyone to decorate a page of what they are thankful for. You could also make individual ones as Christmas or Hanukah gifts. I printed out a label on Fabric paper to give it that super personalized touch.
Helmar Glue
May Arts Ribbons
Needle & thread (if desired)
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Day 1 – November 19th 

Day 2 – November 20th


34 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Notebook Tutorial

  1. Fab project & tutorial – so glad you enjoyed the 450 Quick Dry, it is my GO-TO adhesive 🙂
    Love your fabric cover and layered ribbons, they make the book into a real keepsake!!!

  2. What a great idea – Thanksgiving notebook. These are so cute. Love the fun colours and ribbons. Thanks for sharing how well Helmar glue is on fabric.

  3. I love to alter notebooks as gifts and this is a great way using ribbon. I agree that Helmar makes the best glue for working with fabric, among other things. Thanks so much for the video tutorial, I always enjoy seeing how others create.

  4. This looks like a quick and simple little project! Reading the comments it’s really good to know that this is a great glue for fabric, those of us who work with fabric know how frustrating it is to watch the glue soak into the cloth and do nothing except make the fabric stiff!

    • How true! I am always saying to my students that I wish that I could go back to school so I could concentrate more on science just so I could create a good fabric glue! So I was over the moon happy to find this one.

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