Hoot for you

I had one of my budding designers in over the weekend that wanted to get back into sewing and start to make a dent on her gift giving.  We looked at a couple of patterns and decided on this little owl/slash pin cushion.  She opted for a pretty winter white for the owl and some gorgeous muted tones for the matching bits and pieces.  I love things like this that are not only pretty but also practical.



A Knitted Redo

Winter is the season for knitting. Right?  What is better than sitting by a cozy fire with a great movie and working on a knitted project of choice?  The problem with knitting for new knitters is actually finishing a project. A while back I taught my best friend to knit.  Thing is as she is a busy New Yorker who rarely has time to dedicate to her new hobby.  So a year after what was supposed to be a scarf just turned out to be this 18 inch strip.   The other day while she was here for a visit I decided to give the strip a new unexpected life.

Here is the knitted strip.
After deciding on the size of the squares needed for our pouch I sewed a zig zag strip and cut below it.  This way your stitches won’t unravel.
Then I sewed in a zipper and my lining pieces just like I would for a normal pouch.
After sewing up the sides and turning it inside out we ended up with the cutest softest pouch this side of the Hudson.  We finished it up with a little felt patch.  Tweet!

Thanksgiving Notebook Tutorial

One of the fun things that I get to do being a Ribbonista for Mayarts is to play with the companies that they partner up with and play with their cool products.  One of those was Helmar glue.  I have had so much experience with bad glues for fabric so I was absolutely in love with the Helmar glue.  It really does the job and dries nice and even.
It works wonderful not just on paper but also on fabric and ribbon. This is a simple and fun craft for Thanksgiving and beyond. Leave it on the table with colored pencils for everyone to decorate a page of what they are thankful for. You could also make individual ones as Christmas or Hanukah gifts. I printed out a label on Fabric paper to give it that super personalized touch.
Helmar Glue
May Arts Ribbons
Needle & thread (if desired)
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Day 1 – November 19th 

Day 2 – November 20th

pretty little notes





Words going through this little darlin’s head while decorating her pretty notebook.


True Boo – 17 months

Ooops missed a few months there.  I’ll just hope that the little one doesn’t mind….





Deck the Halls with Ombre

I just spotted this beautiful tutorial from Ambrosia Girl.  Relatively simple.  In her tutorial she says that you should practice with baby food jars.  That got me thinking…..  Wouldn’t this be beautiful with Mason jars?  Imagine them in shades of orange as votive holders for Thanksgiving.  Just saying…..

Studded Text Machine

One of my little faves came in the other day to pimp out her iphone.  A week later a friend of hers liked the iphone glam up so much so she came in to get hers own apple covered in glitz and studs.  The cases were fun to make and looked crazy sweet.


Oh my goodness, look how the girls are styling all the way to their fingernails.

The ultimate bestie case.

Mustach-io on the go-go

Lately I have been all about decking out my phone. Not just with different cases but also with all sorts of plugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Since the Mustache Mania is far from dying, I had this fun little idea. Girls at the store are in love with our little mustache prop that we use for our fabric paper photographs so I thought to combine the two. The result is a combo prop as an iphone plug. So you are ready for a silly shot at the drop of a hat. Pretty fab!


Keep it going….