True – 14 months (well kinda…)

OMG OMG OMG can not believe that I let myself get so far behind with the blog.  It was bit of work getting everything settled for the fall and we have been busy at the store setting up a new site, then there was getting offspring settled in school.  One, for the first year of official schooling (West in K) and the other (Tessa) ready for her last year in official schooling before she goes to legit higher education.

Still, very lame of me.  Beware, the lameness gets worse.  I  did take this picture when True was 14 months.  She is however, no longer really 14 months.  Let’s just not go into details about her real age.  So,  here are a couple of cute shots of the old gal.

Yup, 14 months…

Wait, let me just change something here…

Ooops, just gotta get the chalk in the right hand here

Tada! Is that better?



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