Cheeky Joe

Been away for a bit.  So, obviously been busy with the store and putting together our fall schedule.  Then, there was getting the kids settled in school.  However there is another element that has been keeping me busy.  Pom poms.  Not quite sure how the obsession began, let’s just say that I’m obsessed and leave it at that.  I have the Clover pom pom makers and they were pretty cool, but then I discovered the tutorial for making mini pom poms using a fork!  Thanks Pinterest.  Oh my, way too much fun.  So, this is a little project that I put together using all of our pretty felts with these adorable pom poms!  They are actually practical here, since they help hold the cozy together  For some of them, I was inspired by my dear English friend Clare and added a few cute British words.  Lurvely!



It’s all Poetry…

We have these pens at the store.  Have to try this great idea from Stamp 48.  Think of all the good things that you could write – kinda like words to keep you warm.  Toasty.

Cushy Cozy Ipad

This is a great Tutorial from Molly makes for an ipad cover.  I would use two sheets of pretty felt for a little contrast.

A small one for a phone and money?  Just sayin…..

Sun Prints

We finally got this really cool Sun Print  fabric in the store that I had been dying to play with.  You can make prints using various shapes and bit of sunshine. The prints that I played with took no more than 10 minutes each.  The fabric is actually a funny green sludge color but transforms itself after you rinse it with water to a lovely denim-ey blue.  Just think of all the millions of options.  Paper supplies to make a pencil case, plants to make pretty skirt.  You  see the possibilities.  Sun Print workshop to come soon.



Belt it in 15!

Now that we are slowly starting to enter jean season, show your favorite pair some love with this simple belt project.  You can either cover some cover webbing or just turn use a few layers of home dec fabric.  Why not repurpose an old belt buckle or hunt one down at your local Goodwil!

Here is the one that I made with one of our new quilting weight fabrics.  I made it in literally 15 minutes!