Hold those Pencils!

Keeping with my new felt obsession, I wanted to make a back to school pencil case.   This little guy is cute, quick and personable.  Using the felt makes it sturdy and makes it easier to sew as you don’t really need a lining.  Also love that it can be made with just one sheet of 9×12 felt.  We have tons of new colors at the store so I am excited for all the color combos the girls are going to come up with.  For a complete tutorial read on.

Here are all of your supplies



Wonder Under and alphabet templates (backwards) Check our tutorial on making appliques on the side bar.


Pin down borders and sew (the measurements for my two side panels were 9 x 4.5

Add letters and sew down  – Get fancy with any other embellishments if you like.

Measure and cute squares at the corners for your gusset.  I used 1 inch squares.

insert your zipper

pin and sew all around

pin and sew corners of your gusset.

Turn inside out and enjoy!


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