An afternoon with Denyse Schmidt

I will lay my cards on the table and say quilts are not always my project of choice.  I like to take on projects that can be done in the 1-4 hour range and quilts usually don’t fit in that category.  This is true, until I look at any of Denyse Schmidt’s quilts.  What makes her work so breathtaking is that she both an amazing technician and is amazingly bold and carefree with her color choices.

She makes me a quilt believer.

I have been reading her book all weekend, and more than just having great projects it is filled with wonderful historical information about quilt-making.  I learned loads.  She also makes the projects accessible to do your own version, which I am going to do with the  postage stamp quilt.

Quilts from her book

A customer brought a beautiful quilt that she made with Denyse’s fabrics.

Some of my faves from her latest collection.

It was way too much fun to be able to stamp with Denyse and her wonderful collection of wooden stamps.  I went wild with this little guy.  I mounted it on one of her fabrics.  Would be nice on a card or a little zippered pouch.


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