7 Tons Light

Watch for an instant smiley face

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Go For Gold

This is pretty great.  Free pattern here.  Get into the olympic spirit with your needles.

Sew & Twirl

For our third week of camp, I decided to use a pattern from Jennifer Paganelli’s book Girls World.  She is a fabric diva and it’s one of my favorite books so the choice was a no brainer.

We were lucky enough to have a Jennifer herself come in and sign books for the girls.

Jen, we love you!

All the girls finished their dresses with flying colors.  Let the twirling begin!

In order to walk the girls through the pattern I made my own. It’s such a great book because with the patterns you can make a version for a little 2  year old up to an oldie like me.

Truly Thankful!

For True’s birthday last month, a very sweet friend of mine made the most beautiful dress for Truly using a great pattern from Heather Ross.  She used a beautiful pattern from Oliver and S and with her wonderful sewing skills, it turned out perfectly. Although, true has been lucky enough to of worn some pretty cute things.  I have to say that this dress is probably one of my favorites.

Thank you Michelle.  I love love love it!

Give the pattern a go.  It looks great on girls of all sizes and ages. I’m going to get cracking on one to match.

Beach Chicas!

From one our recent camps, the last project was a bright beach bag to house all the projects of the week.  I asked the girls to go bold with their color combination and as you can see they came through.  Each combination is better than  the next.  Crush city.


This is one of the new fabrics that we got from Sisboom.  The girls have been vibing on it big time and whole bunch of cute projects have been popping up in the store from this bohemian print.  The latest was this pretty lap top sleeve for a new college freshman.  One Boston dorm will be that much prettier this fall.  Thanks Jennifer for spreading the pretty.

The pattern was a simple calculation of adding two inches to the sides and top and bottom.  This one measured 9×13 so we cut two rectangles that were 11×15.  With the batting it was a perfect snug fit.


Show your notes some style

Our local TV star came in to get some fabric and trim for a cute project that she had in mind. The result was a pretty awesome dry erase board.  The board gets punched up with some of our bright chalk markers. Easy. Peasy. Good.

Hold those books!

My Great new friend Clare wanted to get an extra present for a shower that she was hosting in the city.  Since the mom to be is a city dweller, she wanted a gift that was going to both nice for a baby room but still modern.  We looked through a few books and were instantly struck by a set of book ends by Lotta Jandsotter.  Being the creative soul that she is, Clare adapted the pattern a bit and came up with a sets of book ends that would brighten up any nursery.

She started by figuring out the body shape and size and picking out her fabric and felt combination.  Love the pink and yellow with the teal.

To get the proper weight for the book ends she put in a muslin bag filled with stones and hand sewed the bottoms

To finish off the literal pair got a pair of fancy felt bows.

Light Me Up


Check out this insanely useful DIY tutorial from Honestly WTF on how to create your very own lampshade.

With just a really long strip of fabric and ironing it in half, you can easily wrap it around the top and bottom of the shade until you have a new lampshade that can recreate any room of your choice. Check ou the tutorial here.