Project – Birthday on the Runway

This is one of my absolute favorite party themes at the store.  Mainly because it is so high energy, really brings out the creative instincts in the girls and also because it is every so slightly tinged with a wee bit of competition.  Basically there are 4 themes that include a large tee shirt and a collection of fabric and accessories.  The girls have to choose a model from their group and make and outfit with accessories.  At the end of the party we have a mini fashion show and the mini awards are given.

There are 3 guidelines –  1.  they have to use ALL the elements in the group 2. Everything is sewn by hand,  they get ONE free sew on the machine 3. And they get one hour, to plot, plan and sew.

This is a great party for older girls as well, I could see doing this with girlfriends. Just imagine what we could turn out after a couple of skinny girl margaritas.

Getting started

This group which included the birthday girl started off with this grouping (Team Woodland Fairies)

and turned it into this

with wings

The second from this


third (Team Pig Latin)


Last but not least (Team Tropical Punch)



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