The Ultimate Beach Shorts

Well, these are beach shorts in more ways than one. First, you can ummmmmmmmm, WEAR them to the beach.  Applause please.  Second, they are made with a fabric that lists all the famous beaches in our wonderful country.

So it seems like a no brainer that these 2 beach babes would want to come in a make a matching pair before the summer hits full force.

To get their pattern the girls used our new favorite painter’s tape technique to copy a pattern from clothing without having to cut open (see the denim cute up post).

After adding 1/2 inch seam allowance all around.  The pattern was cut.  Sewed inseam and then attached the legs together.

Then came the pinning and doubling up the bottom for neat seam and same with the top just making sure that it is wide enough for our elastic.

Lastly insert elastic and rock it to your nearest beach! Those not near a beach grab a huge fro-yo and pretend as if.


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