Patch it!

As much as I love a patchwork quilt, I just don’t have the patience (or time) to actually finish one.  So I love the idea of taking the art of patchwork and shaking it up and throwing down a little project that is simple bright and fresh.  I wanted to also do a project featuring the bright collection of twill tape that we have at the store.  Since True Boo is turning one soon,  put a little pic of her in there.  It was simple and fun.  Give it a try.

I started out by just print my picture on fabric paper and cutting a random sized square.  Then picked a fabric to add.

Then sewed on a strip of ribbon

continued randomly adding until I had to a size that was larger than the square I had measured for the Ipad case  – two rectangles of 8.5 x11 (you could go up an inch on both sides if you have a case on it).  Sometimes just adding the ribbon over the seams for a different effect.

Pin onto batting and sew in the ditch or where ever you like.  I also printed out a phrase on fabric paper and added to the side.

Trimmed batting.  Sewed the lining onto the top of each side

Then sewed both sides together (pretty side to pretty side) leaving an opening on the lining

Turn inside out.  Iron and sew down opening.  I also threw on some stones for an extra bling effect.



2 thoughts on “Patch it!

  1. Oh I so LOVE this!!! Too, too cute! I’ve never printed on fabric paper before – I’ll need to give it a try now. I love the idea of an iPad case too! Darling!

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