Do It Now! Or else…….

The whole erase board from a frame theme is far from new.  I just thought to do it myself and give a it a spin by printing out a phrase on fabric paper and sewing it on.  Yes, you really don’t have to use fabric paper since it’s behind glass, but since I wanted the sewn stitches, its the route I choose.  But really you could embellish it any you want – or not at all 🙂

Three simple items any

1.frame – I choose a Virserum from Ikea 2. Fabric big enough for frame 3. Fabric paper

Cut Fabric

Print out sentance in desired font and sew on

I had fun and typed a warning on an actual vintage typewriter that we have at the store.  Hey 1985 called and wants it’s typewriter back.

Hang, and never forget anything again.  Use with the cool chalk ink pens.  We have them at the store in a rainbow of colors. Love them 🙂



One thought on “Do It Now! Or else…….

  1. Grin, fabulous, I need one of these! I came looking for your May Arts DT, did I miss it… got totally side tracked by all these other fun posts.

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