Brazilian Baked Goodness

So over the weekend I had to drive Tessa 45 minutes away to neighboring Danbury for her SAT’s.  Yeah!  Awesome. As you can imagine neither of us was jumping for joy.  Me not loving driving anywhere at 6.30 without a coffee and Tessa not loving having to drain her brain for 4 hours filling out tiny circles.

After I dropped her off, I drove up and down the main street searching for a place for me a True to grab a coffee and maybe a baked good.  I saw tons of people traipsing into this very simple and clean shop/bakery.  Funny thing is that everyone was brazilian, not a word of English.  Awesome.  There was also an amazing waft of delicious fresh baked bread.  Whhhhhhhaaaaat!  What was this place.  So I just got in line (cursed myself for missing the opportunity to learn Portugese) and ordered.  There was a dizzying selection of pillowy breads, flans and cakes filled with layers of dulce de leche.  Could it all possible taste as good as it looks?

Yes.  And better.

I was in love. Questions…  Why did I not know that Brazilians are such awesome bakers?  Why do I not live closer to this place? How quickly can I finish this item so I can get myself back in line for more?

They don’t have a website but if you are local you can get their info here, it is worth the trip for some cake nirvana.


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