Cut-off Cute Up

A local girl who was home for the summer from college came in with a pair of denim shorts that she wanted to doll-up.  Immediately after seeing the shorts I thought about the blog post from last week from Free People.  I was excited to try the project, so we got to it.

Here is Ms. Adorableness with the shorts before our makeover.  Like all good pre-makeover shots the little shorts should have a sad face


plain shorts. cute but plain.  Oh but check out her fancy nails.  Nice.

Next to get the right shape for the fabric that we are going to sew down, I made a “pattern” using painters tape.  Then you just put the  “pattern” (taped shape) onto your fabric.  If you had wanted turned in sides you would add your 1/2 seam allowance. I actually finished our edges with a zig zag stitch and we thought a little fraying would be cool, so no seam allowance for us.

pin down

Besides stitching around the outside we also stitched the shape around the elephant with bright orange thread.  You could choose to highlight any element of your fabric. voila!

Happy face.



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