Camp Kick-Off

Camp Kick-Off

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Straw gets Fancy

Love this idea from Studio Martha.

Project – Birthday on the Runway

This is one of my absolute favorite party themes at the store.  Mainly because it is so high energy, really brings out the creative instincts in the girls and also because it is every so slightly tinged with a wee bit of competition.  Basically there are 4 themes that include a large tee shirt and a collection of fabric and accessories.  The girls have to choose a model from their group and make and outfit with accessories.  At the end of the party we have a mini fashion show and the mini awards are given.

There are 3 guidelines –  1.  they have to use ALL the elements in the group 2. Everything is sewn by hand,  they get ONE free sew on the machine 3. And they get one hour, to plot, plan and sew.

This is a great party for older girls as well, I could see doing this with girlfriends. Just imagine what we could turn out after a couple of skinny girl margaritas.

Getting started

This group which included the birthday girl started off with this grouping (Team Woodland Fairies)

and turned it into this

with wings

The second from this


third (Team Pig Latin)


Last but not least (Team Tropical Punch)


Pre-Tee Fancy!

We have been going crazy with Tee’s at the store lately.  This is a great revamp that I saw online from cancandancer that takes a large tee to a fancy dress in a few simple steps. Pre-Tee brilliant!

Ladies Night Out

It’s always fun to open our doors after hours for a Sip & Sew.  This was  a great small group that wanted to learn to make some decorative pillows.  They all picked gorgeous prints that were unique to their individual style.  I was particularly impressed by the organizers combination of gorgeous silver bracelets.  What is really cool and impressive is that she has been building the collection since she was 16.  Love it.


Taking a break for a little sip helps the process…


End results. Awesome




“Now it’s mine”

That’s what girls can now tell their daddy’s, or wives can tell their husbands.  I have featured this project before on our blog, this time I just changed up the technique a little bit and was really happy with the results.  I think we might have to do a video tutorial soon.

This shirt I got from goodwill for $3.00. It was not a local Goodwill, hence the awesome price but you could “shop” your loved ones favorite closet for nothing.  We got fancy with this one and added some lace and straps.  The belt is just a strip of uphostery  weight fabric doubled up and together.


Where did this kid come from?

Going to be horsin ’round

Today we finished our last minute prep for the June Horse Show at the Fairfield County Hunt Club.  Tomorrow (Saturday 23rd) is going to be Family day from 11-1PM, and Make and Mingle will join the the horse play with some fun activities for the kids.  We designed a special screen that our dear Liz Squillace put together for us.

This was the first time that we printed without  her expertise to guide us.  I now have even more deep-seated respect for her craft.  It really is NOT as easy as she makes it look.  Let’s just say that there was some pretty big mess ups in the pile.

In the end they all turned out pretty good, and I look forward to seeing how the kids are going to personalize the bags further.

Creature Creator

This little blond dynamo came in for a lesson last week, and instantly blew me away with her artistic talents.  For her first lesson we sewed a pillow, she made it her own by adding her signature fox, Mr. Waverly.

In her second lesson we went XL and turned one of her drawings into a maga-stuffed animal. ” Go big or go home” they say.  Well, she did both and managed to go home with the cutest bunny in town.

With a little wonder under and and sheet of Heather Bailey felt we managed to take Mr. Fox from tee shirt to


The fabulous Mr. Fox sitting on a gorgeous background of Denyse Schmidt flowers.