DIY Couture

As soon as we received these beautiful little block print dresses from across the planet, my fingers were itching to give them a personal touch.  I love the idea of taking something and just giving it that little extra creative “thumbprint” that makes you feel like it really is your own.  With this dress I just did some very simple beading and then threw on a quickly braided ribbon belt.

Soon we will featured dresses on our new online shop for $30 for all to pretty up.

Something to grace our new window

To show the possibilities on one side went wild & scattered an on the other went neat & lined…


Love all these patterns


Swedish Makeover

The shape of this simple Ikea lamp lends itself perfectly embellishing and personalizing.  We have gone all sorts of different routes with the decorating of this baby from patchwork to polka dots.

I thought it would be cool to take a different approach and with the help of our new intern Sophie we set about making a template to incorporate photography into the mix.  After making and cutting our template we printed an image and phrase on our favorite photo paper. Just print and peel off backing.

We sewed together the 3 sections and finished off the edges with bias tape.  The result is a pretty darn cool lamp that is as personal as you can get.

One could go crazy with all sorts of combinations of photos and fabric.  Possibilities. Endless. Yup!

Hipsta Eye Candy

While pinning the other night into the wee hours (I really need someone to pry my little fingers away from the keyboard after 3Am).  I chanced on this amazing photographer Kristin Rogers.  She takes these amazing shots of her daily life with her two beautiful girls.  The shots are simple and sublime.  Take a peek and enjoy.


India – We Heart You!

We just got a shipment from India.  My heart did summersaults as I pulled out the different items filled with gorgeous prints and yummy colors.  Pretty dresses and stylish boho bags.  The bags can be worn solo and are perfect for both beach and city boho babes.  We will offer them soon on our online shop.

Can not wait to embellish the block print dresses with beads and studs.


All the pretty color combos

The little pouches can be embellished with a pretty initial and other charms.

Pouch + Personalization  = Pretty


Old Clothes revamp

As we moved I kept lugging Tessa’s clothes with me.  At one point I realized that she was more than likely not going to really want the old pieces for her own kids, but could not bring myself to get rid of them.  So since she was old enough I gave her the  instructions to put together a quilt that she could eventually take to college and all the other stops along her journey.  Each block was cut from old pajamas and dresses, etc.  It was a simple square pattern surrounded by 4 strips.

To make the whole thing more cohesive she picked out a very graphic fabric that she used as filler blocks.  The result is fresh and modern.  Keep posted as she finishes it up.

Flower Fix

I love something cute that you can pull together in literally 3 minutes.  We just layered 3 petals, added a rhinestone and hotglued it to a sparkly band.  Here are in house babe is rockin it.  But us older girls could sport it with jeans and leather sandals.

Art About Town

So, tomorrow our dear town kicks off it’s second year of Art About Town.  All store downtown will feature art by local artists.  If that weren’t enough on its own,  the opening night is going to feature great food, drinks and a line-up of live artists including our favorite silk screen maven Liz Squillace.

I am by no means a real artist but I also entered some of my own fabric designs and was fortunate to have them featured in a local store “Great Stuff.”  Make and Mingle is actually featuring some of the great works of my dear friend Laura Pflug.

The Store and local cuties

One of Laura’s pretty birds gracing our store.


The art will be up for a month and I look forward to looking at all the great art up all up and down the streets.

Ballet Kyut Up

Since we opened we have been embellishing ballet flats.  I love this take from Stars for Streetlights to give some  flats a new makeover on the cheap.  You could use a vintage scarf or use some of voile that we love to use at the store.

I’m dedicating this blog to our beloved Steven Tyler since that man can rock a scarf like no other.