Westport Mini Maker Faire

Come visit us tomorrow at the Mini Maker Faire and create a “Creature Tote” or “Headband” for $10.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Getting ready…

After all the painting and lights, we have been working on the details…

Putting up the circles for our new jewelry bar requires more math than we thought.

A local westporter helps make one of our first sample pieces.

The Sewing continues

As we tinkered away on the new store, we squeezed in a few lessons.  The new space is already inspiring the girls with some pretty fantabulous projects.

New fabric to kick things off.

These 3 sisters were all about the little birds.  The two older girls made pajama pants and the adorable mini of the family made our new felt “boho bird.”

I love this new bird. Can’t wait to see the new versions that are going to be created in our design center.

We say goodbye to Make & Mingle Fairfield

I feel absolutely horrible about being so bad about updating the blog posts, but have been crazy busy with moving everything from old location to the new, ordering new and great lines and helping getting the new space all spruced up.  It looks amazing and each day it is coming together more and more.

It was bittersweet cleaning out the old space the beg. of last week.  In the haste of getting things done we were able to have a minute to reminisence about all the times spent in the Donnely walk…


True was practically born in the store, she came back with me when she was just 8 days old.

West waves Adieu

Tess and I on one of our gazillion shopping trips for new space


New Store Opening in Westport!

We are tinkering away to bring you a brand new and awesome store full of fun new design projects and gifts!

Check site for details

There is that kid again.  He is is just everywhere…..

Make & Mingle Fairfield CLOSED

Yesterday was the last day at the old store in Fairfield.  It was a bit bittersweet as I helped the last girl make a pretty tee shirt at that location. It was extra special as I got to practice my friend as she hails from Belgium.  Her European charm shined through to her project.

I thank everyone for being such wonderful customers and look forward to welcoming you all in our new location in Westport!!!!

Our Last Bday Party in Fairfield


This is a cool little dress that I made that was inspired from a project that I had seen online using a tank top.  I changed it a bit by using a tee.  After I made my sample and put it up in the store a few girls were excited to make their own.  Its a great thing, its a little bit sporty and a little girlie at the same time.

Our M&M “Fille Extraordinaire…..”

Two adorable sisters make their matching versions.  On the Tee shirt of the pink dress we cut the collar and sewed in elastic, also cut the sleeves and shirred the edges.  A cute way to add instant cute to a tee-shirt.

My version that kicked it off….



In Order to sew on the bottom of the dress, you have to cut off some of the tee-shirt.  I used up that scrap piece to make some pretty cute simple flowers.

True – 9 Months

This picture was taken kind late in the month, and it took me even longer to post.   Things have been more than busy with us getting ready for the move and preparing the new store in Westport!





The Perfect Pouch

A daughter and mom duo can in for a joint lesson to make a zippered pouch with a lining.  Each walked out with an adorable pouch that was as individual as their bubbly personalities.  I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the daughter and her pretty bag.