Pretty Useful

So, obviously I am loving this new chalkboard fabric.  Well, really how could you not?  There are at least 20 projects in my head that I would love to pump out.  Oh day, why do you only have 24 of those lovely little hours?

I have always been smitten by fabric baskets, but I was particularly inspired by one blogger Chirpy Threads who commented on one of my posts and shared a little basket she made for her son.  She stamped his name inside, so I thought it would be fun to have an option to write stuff on the front, then to be able to change it up.

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One thought on “Pretty Useful

  1. Wow!!! I LOVE your fabric basket! And what a clever idea it is to use the chalkboard fabric on the front! I am totally digging it. Ok, you’ve got me hooked on this chalkboard fabric now — I NEED to get some! Thanks for linking to my page! :)

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