Teacher Gift DIY

The other day when I went to pick up my little guy at school his teacher shared a funny story of something he had said during story time. It had me cracking me up for hours later.  I was sure that she hears cute phrases from the kids all the time so I thought it would be nice to make her a pretty cover for a book where she could write down all the funny quips that she hears daily.  Needless to say, I had to use my new fave chalkboard fabric.  Results were not half bad.



Sister Act

Last week week we had 3 sisters (one married into the happy bunch) come in to make tote bags.  The girls had a grand old time and in between conversation and giggles managed to bang out 3 pretty awesome bags.  What I found so  fascinating was how with such a simple shape their choice in fabric turned out such different bags.  I particularly loved how each bag mirrored their bright personalities.

The farmer girl of the troop choose a Kokka fabric with pigs, the really cute part is that her name is Charlotte. Why is it that “Charlottes” have an affinity for adorable little pigs…

Prettiest Pad in Town


As spring approaches, we all want to get stuff done. This is the perfect way to make notecards for your to do list. Check it out here!

Once Daddy’s, Now Mine

This little fashionista had spied our recent blog post with the “Daddy Shirt Makeover,” and wanted to give it a go.  So fast forward a week, in she comes with Daddy’s Shirt.  1 and 1/2 hours later she was able to walk away with this gorgeous top.  She is rocking it full force with the beatles jacket and pink chucks.




Bag for a Bestie

One of my favorite bffls brought in her bffl (yes, I live and breath around tweens and teens) and she spent an early afternoon session making this adorable bag for her bffl aka sister.  Love the color choice.  The bag is going to travel the country to San Fran.  Which makes me think that we have to start a whole trader Joe’s map thing with people taking pictures around the country (or world) with them showing off a project that they made at Make and Mingle at different locations.  Maybe we can convince this lovely sister to kick it off for us!

Pretty Useful

So, obviously I am loving this new chalkboard fabric.  Well, really how could you not?  There are at least 20 projects in my head that I would love to pump out.  Oh day, why do you only have 24 of those lovely little hours?

I have always been smitten by fabric baskets, but I was particularly inspired by one blogger Chirpy Threads who commented on one of my posts and shared a little basket she made for her son.  She stamped his name inside, so I thought it would be fun to have an option to write stuff on the front, then to be able to change it up.

Tell it like it is!

I found these on the pintrest board of one of my all time favorite M&M gal that is now half way around the world  (hope to you soon girlie).  Check out the site for some big time giggles.

Gettin’ Flippy

Finally we can expose our little toes.  Some girls are making the best of the weather and making up some crazy cute flip flops. LOVE.  My favorite Style It Yourself craft of the moment.