Piping Tutorial

One thing that I keep on hearing at the store is a love for piping.  Well, you gotta admit piping does make everything look better!  The only problem is that the selection of store bought piping is kind of sad.  So that means that you have to make your own.  The whole thing involves cutting your fabric on the bias, adding cording and a whole bunch of stuff.  Funny enough, once you sit down and do it  – its not that half bad.  I put together this mini tutorial to help.

1. Cut your fabric on the diagonal of the fabric (bias) this will make piping flexible so that it can go around the corners.  I cut my strips in 1.25 inch strips

2. Attach the strips right sides together and sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance

3 – 4. Sew the cording into the strips using your zipper foot.

4. If you need to move your needle over towards the cording for a tight snug result

5.You are done.  Now you can use this fancy stuff in all your projects, and you can shine like the sewing superstar that you are.


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