Do we love this? Yes. Yes we do. Take a look at these adorable little fashionable bunnies struttin’ their stuff.

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House Portraits

There are so wonderful and absolutely amazing. A super special gift for someone who has it all. Check them out here



Horsin’ Around

We had a visit from 3 little equestrians.  So obviously we had to get a horse or two on our projects.  2 girls opted for pillows and the 3rd decided to do a “groom bag.”  Each one had the name of their horses.  Since they had a show the next day, it was unanimous that we needed to make some necklaces and bracelets again bearing the name of their beloved steeds.

An XXL Hoot!

My new fave project.  A great way to get your feet wet with patchwork.  What girl would not love this on their bed!?




Photo to Pilllow in 30 minutes

It’s amazing how much we have been having with our photo booth lately.  It blows my mind that with just a handful of props the girls are able to turn out these awesome pictures.

After printing on fabric paper….  Bam!  Two ueber creative pillows.

2nd photo with the finished projects.


Say Cheese!

Here is one of the great shots from acclaimed photographer and teacher Barbara Salinas.  Her daughter recently celebrated her big day here at Make & Mingle.  The kids were getting their silly on and were playing with some props.  The result is a little picture with huge giggle appeal.

Piping Tutorial

One thing that I keep on hearing at the store is a love for piping.  Well, you gotta admit piping does make everything look better!  The only problem is that the selection of store bought piping is kind of sad.  So that means that you have to make your own.  The whole thing involves cutting your fabric on the bias, adding cording and a whole bunch of stuff.  Funny enough, once you sit down and do it  – its not that half bad.  I put together this mini tutorial to help.

1. Cut your fabric on the diagonal of the fabric (bias) this will make piping flexible so that it can go around the corners.  I cut my strips in 1.25 inch strips

2. Attach the strips right sides together and sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance

3 – 4. Sew the cording into the strips using your zipper foot.

4. If you need to move your needle over towards the cording for a tight snug result

5.You are done.  Now you can use this fancy stuff in all your projects, and you can shine like the sewing superstar that you are.

Patchwork for Lazy People

I love patchwork blankets.  Really I do.  I especially love Patchwork blankets done by Denyse Schmidt (all of her work makes me weak in the knees).  Thing is, I am not so crazy about doing them myself.  So when I want to get a little patchwork fix, I usually do it in a mini version like this pouch that I made a while back for a good friend.  A great way to use up little bits and pieces that you have laying around, and a great project for getting your feet wet into the world of patchwork.


Cushy Cozy Goodness on the Go

Saw this for sale on an English website, unfortunately out of stock.  However, was thinking that it would be a really simple and easy sewing project.  You could even punch it up and make each pillow a different print. I would make flap openings on the back so you could remove the pillows for washing  It would be a great thing to have in the car for impromptu visits to the beach.