Ipad Fancy

A super great friend asked me to sew something up for her ipad. Her taste is impeccable so the pressure was on.  After a couple of days of trying different combinations I came up with something that I thought she would not feel too embarrased to carry around.  The one thing that I really like about the project was the new closure that I made. I used a elastic on the sides, and it was a great way to showcase a small group of beads I was saving.

A great and relatively easy gift for the holidays.

I just need someone to give me the Ipad and I am all set.



PJ Maniac

Instead of keeping the pj’s folded at the end of the bed like in the days of yore, I thought it would be cute (and useful) to have a place to put the little “sleeping ensemble” until it is needed.  I had done a few different ideas for my daughter but thought that it would be fun to take the whole idea into a another direction.  Hence My PJ Monsters, I guess you could say that she’s a little Maniac that is wildly addicted to PJ’s.