Music Wednesday!

This week I give you one of the best oldies out there. Portishead’s Glory Box, it’s a perfect little song for the slow beginning to the week and the weird weather out there. Just press play and enjoy ūüôā


Pin it with Style

Last week after Turkey day we had a mini class to make some fabulous fabric boards.  The task was big, but the girls delivered.  Each one brought their A game and the boards was a true reflection of the bright personalities.  We had some good laughs and the boards were awesome.

Gotta repeat this one!

Show your buds some love

What a great quick project to make, and basically what teen on your list wouldn’t love love love. ¬†You know what? Scratch that. Anyone on your list would love this. ¬†Check it here from¬†dog under my desk.


Now, we all love playing with felt. ¬†Well, if you think about it, it comes in great colors (especially the beautiful collection from Heather Bailey), it doesn’t fray and it is super easy to sew and layer. ¬†So you cut out a heart and a few doo dads and voila you got something cute. ¬†This lady however from beedeebabee, takes the whole felt thing to a whole different label. ¬†Check it. ¬†Pretty Ahmazin’