Denyse Schmidt

Visiting the studio of fabric designer Denyse Schmidt was a real treat.  Her sense of color is awe inspiring.  The color combinations are so unique and un-mistakingly hers.  Denyse pairs the bright and the bold with the muted and faded like no other. I had an instant love affair with each piece.   The quilts are modern in style, yet intricate in their execution.  Basically, fabric perfection.  Her new quilt book is coming out in the spring.  Can NOT wait.

Denyse with my little trio.

One of my favorites, this one is done with vintage fabrics.  How insanely beautiful is this?  These fabrics were made to come together decades later in this sublime quilt. Thanks Denyse!

Question: Do we love this?  Answer: Yes

Where her fabric magic happens

Christmas a la Denyse….



Pears & Cupcakes – Art by Munroe

Last sunday Bridgeport hosted their annual art expo throughout the town.  I hit the American Fabric Building to visit Denyse Schmidt’s spectacular studio and a local favorite artist Beth Munroe.  Beth does a beautiful series of mini oils depicting cupcakes,  pears and flowers prettily set against graphic prints.  The full bottomed pears are reminiscent of Botero’s bodacious female figures. Bright & Beautiful.

Home Sweet Home

A little bit ago I posted the little ornament style houses from Retro Mama.  Was thinking about them so much that I had to do a bag style rendition.  Some of my regular sweeties came and made their own.  Now they never have to feel home sick again.

Each house had as much personality as it’s owner


A few days later, the “building” trend continued.