It’s difficult being this cute. So we made these little sleeping masks so they can get their “cute-sleep.”

The idea that these three could come in next week and be even more Adorabubble is simply mind-blowing.


American Doll PJ’s



Tomorrow is our fourth American Doll class. Here are the girls from last week’s class where they made PJ’s for their dolls and eye masks for themselves. Pretty cute!


Happy Apple day!

I just feel that life would be just a little bit brighter if I could leave the house in the morning with a pretty little jacket for my apple.   Make one!    Tute here.

Fade to Bright…




We are all in love with it.  That’s why it’s everywhere.  I live to do dye (ha ha), so obviously, gotta do this little onesie deal here  by V an Co.  Not into a onesie, then do a tee, leggings, solid fabric etc.  Oh, what about doing a sheet and being an oh-so-chic ombre ghost for boo day.


Music Wednesday!

Who doesn’t love themselves some good old Nick Drake on a cold and breezy autumn night? Of course I was excited for fall because of hot chocolate, crispy apples, pumpkin pie and warm apple cider but I also looked forward to putting some Drake tunes back into my fall playlist. The combination of his voice + the guitars is silky smooth perfection. Download one of his albums and make some pumpkin cookies, and you are all set!


Pink Moon – Nick Drake



Cheap & Chic

How awesome would this be for a dorm.  Hint hint Caroline, smiley face smiley face.  Take it a step further and wrap in fabric strips.  oh la la.

Beauty for a buck

How about taking this wonderful project a step further and spray painting in soft hues.  Go all Martha and do a series in monochrome colors.  Check out at Living with Lindsey.

Magic Markers

Sharpie has new fabric markers on the market.  Look pretty fab.  Check out this from how about orange.