Knitting Class Update

Knitting Class on Sunday, October 2nd has been moved to 12:00PM-2:00PM 


Music Wednesday!

If you’ve never been graced with the lovely voices of Mumford & Sons then count today as your lucky day. The young lads of this pop/folk group are taking the indie scene by storm not only with their perfect harmonies but with their fresh take at folk. When they released their first album, no one really paid attention but after their sophomore album things changed. Now, artists like Taylor Swift and Adele are covering their songs and their album has been on the iTunes top ten for the last 3 months. Insane. But you’ll understand why once you listen to them. Below, I’ve posted three of their best songs in my opinion. If you like them, check out the rest of their album!

Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

Home – Mumford & Sons

Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons

More Smirks

What do you get when you combine snazzy fabrics with good old quote?  A Smirk bag.  Love making them and just drummed a few more…


This one here is a favorite of mine….  Because let’s face it, we should all be suspicious who is at top form before noon.

Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast. O. Wilde

Last days of sun part deux

OK, again on the whole theme of “enjoying the last days of summer” you can still wear a pair of shorts or a summer dress over a long sleeved tee as long as you wear it with a cute little scarf.

Why not make your own.  I mean really what can be easier….  One of my favorite blogs between the lines  features a great project that uses an old shirt or dress.  Really crushing on the idea, especially since one of my beloved sweaters is on its last leg, and I was thinking of a project for her.  We have oodles of lace at the store, so I am really on this one.

For those of you who took our embroidery class, this would be a great little canvas to practice a little embroidered heart or bird…

some pretty pretty for last days of sunshine….

Knowing that fall is here and winter right around the corner after that, really makes you enjoy these last days of sunshine with extra fervor.  For a little spank of happiness why not make these insanely cute flops.  The fact that you can recycle a plastic bag in the process is just the icing on the cake.

Tut here.

Yummy scrub A dub rub!

Today my son was eating an afternoon snack, enjoying it to the absolute hilt.  In a fit of pleasure, he exclaims “I really like this, it makes my heart so yummy.”  Well the idea of this yummy DIY scrub from the sleepytimegal also makes my heart so yummy.




This is one of M&M’s faves that has so much natural spunk & sass. The wit & style of this skirt is absolutely rockinpopalicious!

Hoop da loop!


We all gathered on a Sunday morning with stitching in mind for our embroidery class.  After learning all the basics of embroidery, everyone got busy with their projects.  Some using the designs of Sublime Stitching, others drew their own.  When the embroidery was finished pillows were made to showcase the fancy needlework.

Dip Dye

Martha, How much do I want to try this?  Desperately, especially with little tot clothes, how outrageously  cute would that be.