2 Cute Cupcakes

This little beauty (and niece of my best bud) came in and blew me away with her natural talent.  After five minutes of learning the basics, she was on her way and stitching up this delicious little pocket pillow.



Hardware Fabulousity!

We are revamping our bead bar area.  Obviously, I need to throw some hex nuts in there.  Crushin on this big time.  Get the know how here from More Design Please.

Give us a hand….

Now this is the type of project that I like.  Little work with big impact.  The perfect craft for an afternoon that would be treasured for ever  All you have to do is trace the hand with a fabric marker, place in hoop and embroider with a simple single stitch.  Onc could get fancy and paint the frame.

City Chic Camp Class

These girls were way too awesome.  We all had tons of fun all week.  The sewing camp week kicked off with our messenger bags.

As we all know, the only way you can have streed cred, is with the right pair of shades.  Those shades need cases.  So we made them.

Then we finished off with ballet flats that were embellished with hand sewn fabric flowers.  Lovin’ it!

American Doll Boho Chic

Wow that last post was my big Three oh oh!  300 Wow – can not believe it.

So continuing with the whole doll theme is a little ensemble that we cooked up for American Girl’s Josefina.  We decided that she needed to go a little Boho.  Originally, we just wanted to do the dress, but before you know we had earrings, a headband and her own ueber cool shoulder bag.  Obviously she is a die hard musicphile, so she need a guitar closure on her bag.  What could this little girl have on her ipod…

I think we are going to have to do much more American Girl projects in the fall.

Knit & Roll

I have been knitting and crocheting a little more lately.  I found this ridiculously cute pattern on Etsy.  I could also see my little four year old grabbing this and doing his whole air guitar routine.

Tee Bottoms

What I have noticed is that there are plenty of cute tops for babies, but not much for the lower wee halfs.  Here I took a tee shirt and used a pair of her pajama pants as a pattern, and whipped up these little bloomers.  There are super comfy and took all of 30 minutes to sew up.

Music Wednesday!

What’s better than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? The answer is obvious.. an oldies tune from the Zombies. This song is absolutely precious and will quickly put you in an awesome mood. Their voices work so well together and this song is such an awesome masterpiece that it could be called THE summer anthem. It’s relaxing, calm and absolutely timeless.


Summertime – The Zombies