Back to School

I always like a pencil case.  However, I really LOVE a pencil case that is shaped like a pencil!  Like this one from Gwen Penny..


Pimp my Tee!

We all sat indoors and waited while Ms. Irene did her thing. The best thing to pass the time is to keep your hands busy with a little creative play (by candlelight if necessary).  I took one of the kits that we recently put together for tee-shirts and got fancy with one of my own. I have to say it was super fun and really easy.  Especially when everything is sitting there ready.

The kit:

The results:

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Bloom Pouch

The perfect size for gloss and a phone. I added the flower to bring a smile and replace the bouquet of flowers that did NOT get delivered to my door.

Sewing Supa-staaaah!

This girl rocks!  Not only has she devoloped into an amazing sewist, but she also has an awesome eye for color.  We made this adorable little dress from an Amy Butler pattern, using a gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli print.  It was such a fun project that I think I’ll be making one for myself.  Throw it over a long-sleeve tee with tights and leggings and you’re fit for fall.

Here is her matching pencil case with initial applique on the back.

Music Wednesday!

It is very rare that I find remixes that I like but this is the most drool-worthy remix of all time. This is a wonderful piece of heaven created by the Away Team remix artists who take oldies and turn them into awesome slices of goodness. It starts off with the sweet voice of Shirley Bassey and transforms into something super unrealistic that you keep hitting the “repeat” button without noticing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Enjoy


Where Do I Begin – Shirley Bassey (Away Team Remix)

Lunch Money Stash

Perfect to whip of from fabric stashes.  Put one of these in your kids backpacks so they have a little cash on hand.  Tutorial from Craft Passion.

Lottery Invite

How fun would it be to get an invite that you have to scratch off ?  Answer is…. Very!   Make yours here.