A Walk on the Wild Side!

There is nothing better than seeing boys getting crafty.  These two were absolutely into it from the word go.  Through the whole process of creating their monster dolls there was a complete narrative. Believe me there is quite a story behind these two creatures.  Awesomeness.


Beat the rain in style

When it starts to pour just pull one of these little beauties out.  You will be so darn cute, the drips won’t seem so bad.

Follow the Martha tutorial.

Diary Makeover

I decided to take a step away from my smartphone and go old school with my diary.  Unfortunately the one that I chose was very practical inside, but not so pretty outside.  Making a fabric cover was the obvious move.  To make it ultra personal I printed a picture of my son on fabric.  A little ribbon here and a few studs there and tada!  A book to Truly call my own.

Wedding Goodness!

One of my favorite things about the store is the opportunity to come in contact with so many brilliantly talented individuals.  One such lass is a gal that writes a blog filled with gorgeous photos of the weddings that she plans and little tidbits of creative goodness.  Here is a little “lovely” from her blog White Library.  Pretty flowers that can be whipped up with some simple basics.  Perfect for a summer soiree.


I confess.  I have a huge pig obsession.  To be honest, I am surprised that that the rest of the world doesn’t.  How couldn’t you? They are chubby, cute, pink and well…..  They make bacon, and bacon is good.

So a craft that combines fabric and pigs is all good in my world!  Thanks to noseynest for this great project.

Music Wednesday


She was, tragically, a lost and troubled soul… gone much too soon. But – the incredible talent she shared with the world? That will live for a long, long time. Her distinct voice will not be forgotten… that’s for sure.

Today’s Music Wednesday is for you, Amy.

Goodies for Grandma

These two cuties came in to make some special gifts for their grandma…  The lucky lady is soon going to be the proud owner of this adorable pillow and smartphone sleeve.  Fabric Goodness!


Switch it on!

in our Room makeover camp we decorated these super cool lamps. The results were too cute, so we decided to bring it in as a Drop-in-Craft.  Love it that we can bring fabric into every nook and cranny of our little girl’s worlds.