Camp Cuties

So we kicked off the camp season this week with these 7 adorable sewers. They’ve been so sweet I actually get excited coming in each day. It’s amazing that even at their young age, they all have their own unique style. Here are the bags that they made as their first project in the T-Shirt Mania class.


A Pillow Transformation

I’m wild about fabric on the bolt, obviously, but also love the idea of taking something and turning it into something else. For example, here is a bright Cath Kidston pillow that belonged to a friend.

Her daughter came into the store and with a couple of stitches here and there, and a little extra fabric, we transformed the pillow into this darling summer bag.

Baby Bloomers

Made has a great pattern and tutorial for an adorable pair of diaper covers.  The project is quick and easy and these are adorable in summer under dresses or just on their own for boys.


Here are a couple that I made, once you get the hang of it you can bang these out in 30 minutes


Here is my True sporting her pair….

Dis widdle bunny…

We just added a section to the store where customers can come in and make a series of sweet gifts for babes.  One of them is this bath buddy bunny.  Wove him!

Here are some of the other baby crafts which include a DIY burb cloth, bib onesie and tank top.

So Rosy

Is it possible to get enough of fabric flowers? I think not! Here is a beauty that is perfect for summer from Pattern Runaway. If you need help, come into the store. I love making these!


Truly Suspicious…

It seems like our girl Truly is wondering why all of sudden her bed is suspiciously shrunk to fit her.

Dress Me Up

How can you not love this?  Will fit any figure and I am hoping that it might even hide my little post-baby tummy.  I’m on it.  Kojo Designs.

Stay-cation vs. Vacation

Whether you decide to stay or go for the summer.  Our Ms. Stewart gives us two small but very useful ways to get organized for both.  Thanks again, Martha 🙂

Vacay organize tip – Suitcase gadget holder (I would use it for bathroom goodies).

Staycay tip – keep plastic bags tidy.


Little Miss Biblio-phile

Want to make this.  Now.  Would obviously use my fave wonder under and stitch it down for super stability.  The awesome gal at Under the Sycamore gives the lowdown.


T-Shirt Revisited



Anyone who knows me just a liddle bit, knows that I loves me a repurposing project.  I mean what is there not to love? You get bored of something and then you can find a whole new purpose for it!?   That is why I am mad about this little project.  Take some old bangles and some tees and fabric scraps and get yourself some brand new arm candy.

That is Truly all good in the neighborhood.  Thanks to Family Chic for the tutorial.