If I think about all the cute moments and creative projects from customers that I have missed capturing on film because I forgot my camera at home I could just scream.  If I had a cute little strap like this on my camera I would be less likely to leave it at home. Make one (or 3) with this tutorial from a prettycoollife.


This bow and pouch walk into a bar…

If you’ve looked at some of the recent blog posts there has been a small bow obsession going on.  So I took one of my favorite over-sized pouches and dressed it up with an X-tra large bow.  The result is a fun bag that can be used for traveling, over nights and also a handy baby pouch to hold diapers, wipes and a bottle.  Ooops, there I go turning everything back to babies again.

A new craft to love

We just added a new craft to our “Craft and Play” section at the store.  A little treasure box that can be decorated and embellished. Then either kept to store little treasures or given to someone near and dear.

We also just sewed a new batch of the stores favorite craft “Monster Dolls” ready for little hands to create and decorate.

Sweet Drops

I just found a site that I am truly made about. The name is pickles and she is from Sweden.  Her site is full of delicious wonderful crafts and ideas.  One of the them are these ueber cute ponytail holders.  I am going to get on it with our Amy Butler yarn. Results to follow…

Sew Organized!

Today at the store we had a whole discussion about living clutter free and the getting things out of sight, or at least if they are in sight keeping it pretty.  This is a great craft to get you going from The Crafters file Box.   I gotta get on this for the store.

Absolute Love!

Four years ago when I had my son, they didn’t have this at my doctor’s office.  So you can imagine how my jaw dropped when this 4D picture showed up on one of my recent visits.

Many of you who have dropped in the store know my dilemna with names for the little one in my belly. Names range basically from “kinda out there” to “absolutely out there.” This is how possible choices have gone:

Hendrix – Kit – Georgie – Gigi – Maxine – Hendrix – Friday, and now most recent “Truly”

I am hoping she is going to give me some hints when she arrives 🙂

Music Wednesday!

Le sigh. If you have never heard of Lissie before, then this is truly your treat of the day. Lissie is a sensational-emotional-fabulous singer from Illinois. Rolling Stone Magazine, Pitchfork and Spin rave about her raspy yet simply melodic & gentle voice. She released her debut album “Catching a Tiger” last year, and lots of people say she sounds like Stevie Nicks. So here today, I have her live performance of “In Sleep” which is one of the popular tracks off her album. This video is absolutely stunning! Must watch, enjoy!

Click here!

Ribbon Re-do

Basically as soon as I open the store tomorrow and get the lights on I am going to give these guys a go.  Can’t wait!  I am thinking the girls will love to wear them on headbands and would also be adorable on the end of another ribbon as a book mark.  Thanks Artfully Caroline.