The 25 minute skirt!

Some wide elastic, a half a yard of fabric and a zig zag stitch and bam you got yourself a cute little skirt.  This one was put together by one of the 2 great interns that have been helping at the store.

The two great girls who are off in the fall for college and great things.


A Bat Bash for Toddlers!

My little son is turning 4 tommorow.  As are most 4 year old boys, he is obsessed with all superheroes, Batman ranking high on the list.  Needless to say, being surrounded by fabrics, I couldn’t just leave well enough alone and do the original black and yellow.  So we made a M&M version of the old time favorite and sewed them on tee shirts for boys and girls.  I particularly love the preppy girl version (going to make one for little sis).

We used a combination of wonder under and freezer paper for the shirt.  It’s a great project to personalize kids shirts with any logo or personal design.

Tees will get tied up with printed favor bags filled with sweet goodies.

Of course, we had to make matching bat dolls with capes for the little tots to decorate (superhero version of our store’s monster dolls)

Love for a Sis 2 B!

Throughout the growth of the belly, this guy has been a true blue big brother in training.  Whenever we depart he reserves a special goodbye for her, and then after school the belly gets a huge hug and kiss!  Let’s all hope the love continues when the baby is out of belly.

Lace Gone Wild

This one is for Caroline who was there with us at the store from the beginning.  Last time I saw her, she was obsessing over a cute pair of lace shorts at J.crew.  Here is a cute tutorial spotted at Swell Mayde for a quick and cheap cheat version.  If I was 20 years younger, would totally be wearing a pair.

Up-cycled Goodness!

Can you believe this adorable thing is made from a man’s shirt. Learn to make one here at How Joyful.